Have I Mentioned I Hate Editing?

Before I jump into more of why Editing is the worst (most important) part of writing, let me just say that one of my 3 adorable cats is currently gently snoring in a sunbeam. It’s exactly as amazing as you think it is.

Anyway! Editing continues. The audio story I submitted last week was accepted and paid for (still my favourite part), and the client has requested a short interview to discuss the process for the listeners of the podcast.

I am going to try and finish up most of the novel editing today, and then throw together a quick “out-takes” audio file for the best screwups we made during recording. Because there were SO MANY.

Good editing. Important even in audio formats. Who knew?

Anyway! Other than that, I watched the first three episodes of Deep Space Nine (still my favourite Star Trek, don’t @ me), and they were extremely satisfying. Oh, and I watch Baby Driver, which was a lot of fun but made me really think about how it was perfect for its format. Like, it wouldn’t have been nearly as satisfying as a book or comic or whatever. The visual juxtaposition with the music… incredible.

Oh! And I watched Into the Spiderverse last week… may be in the running for my favourite superhero film ever. Just… stunning. Completely stunning.

So lots of media consumed… time to go back and produce more of it myself!