One Finished Audio Story!

Well, it took a month… but the audio version of “Black Cacophony” is finally finished! Woo!

I’m actually pretty satisfied with how it turned out. Sure, it was a TONNE of work, but it was really pretty rewarding. Recording all the “voice actors” (big shout out to everyone I know, since by now I’ve asked you to record something for me!), then the narration, and then stitching it all together and feeding in the sound effects… very, very satisfying.

The end result isn’t perfect, but it is an improvement over my previous efforts. I hope the client is happy with it… as soon as he gives the thumbs up, I’ll link (or post!) the result here!

Other than that, editing work on Tintian (Novel 4) continues apace, which is nice, and I continue to have no time whatsoever to do anything, which is less nice. But hey, I go to Japan in just under 9 weeks, so there is that, at least!