Ten Commandments of War on Varuna - Infinity the Game Short Story

Meko’Ah could hear the voice of the Ah Clan family matron in his mind during the firefight. “There are ten Commandments of war,” she had said, years ago when Meko’Ah was no longer a fry and was ready to move into the wider world. “They are sacred, they are absolute, and they are without exception. You will remember them at all times, and you will live and die by them.”

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Clockwork Blues - Short Story

“Somebody brought you a gift, boss,” said Angela, her voice proud. “One of those Japanese sex toys.”

Angela, Bartok, and a dozen of the crew were in the main loading bay of their ship, the corvette As Certain As Taxes. The final crates of payment from the colony were being loaded, most full of ores and minerals mined from the asteroid they were docked to. Heading towards Bartok was a woman who walked with the confidence and beauty of a rising sun.

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Articles of War - Short Story

Captain Aki Wallace sat ramrod straight, his uniform the image of perfect military precision. Bright eyes danced over the displays, his attention focusing on the victory unfolding before him.
    The sensors on the HMS Atalanta showed the results of his strategy in satisfying detail. The enemy, as he had predicted, were responding without military discipline but with great enthusiasm. Aki had to admit that enthusiasm counted for a lot.
Specifically, it counted for almost half of the total casualties Aki’s small fleet had been able to inflict.

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The Joys of the Colonies - Short Story

   "Everything will try to kill you until something does so successfully," stated Mr. Mudder. "Let's get that straight up front and centre before we go any further, Ms. Chang."
    Jess gave the grizzled man her most charming smile. "Mr. Mudder, I'm here to draw new colonists to Haven. I'm not sure that's the best rallying cry to draw citizens to the frontier!"
    "So you're here to do another one of those puff-pieces?" he spat. "Haven doesn't need to draw people out here with more lies, Ms. Chang."

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The Key is Loyalty - Short Story

“The key is loyalty,” boasted the Supreme General, his chest swelled so far with pride it seemed liable to burst. The military parade, an elaborate sabre-rattling to display the military and industrial power of his new empire, crawled past below.

Gray said nothing, merely thinking how much easier it would make his job if that muscled torso would explode.

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Officially Published First Story!

My first published short story is now live at Sci-Fi Romance Quarterly! Please give it a read... I'm very proud of how it turned out. The original had an ending that was a bit more sad, but the editor requested more "HEA" (Happily Ever After), and I was happy to provide.

Anyway! Give it a read. First of many!

My First Published Short Story!

It's not live just yet, but it WILL be... oh, it will be...

You can check out the countdown clock here: http://www.scifiromancequarterly.org/

I'm really proud of this one (not just because it's my first, but ALSO because it's my first). It's a touching love story about a woman and her 10,000 metric tonne starship.

Anyway! Do give it a read when it comes out!

Here There Be Starships

You want easy access to all my publicly available short stories? Well, you're in the right place! Here I'm going to post links to publications that have posted my short stories online, and occasionally I'll even put out a short story I've written specifically for my Patreon supporters!

Of course, if you're on Patreon you may already have access to these stories days (or weeks!) in advance, but if not and you don't mind being patient, they'll show up here before long!

Thanks for reading, and do let me know what you think of my work!