Second Draft Done!

Phew! Best part about editing a novel is definitely FINISHING the editing! Which I have now done… which feels pretty good.

I’m still working through the story with the Writers Group, and that’s going really well. Some good suggestions, in particular a chapter I think I can squeeze in between 9 and 10 which will help flesh out the story and add some interesting context. But I have still finished the first editorial pass, and that’s a big hurdle so it feels really good to be done that.

In other news… I’ve started Novel 5! This one doesn’t have a title yet, but is very much a space western. Two Interplanetary Marshals sent to the farthest reaches of human space to bring law and order to the wilderness. It’s part crime procedural, part Firefly… at least, that’s the plan. For now it’s a very rough outline of a thing, but I am really looking forward to it! I like the two main characters already (Kristen Smith and Caitlyn Morcos), and playing them off each other should be a lot of fun.

Anyway! Nice to be writing again. But first… I’m going to read Chapter 7 from “Dune” to get the right feel for a banquet scene I’m writing. Ah, if only all research could be so sweet…