Editing. Worst Part about Writing, Or Absolutely The Worst?

Man, I do hate to edit.
I mean, I don’t mind editing other people’s stuff. I can’t say it’s fun, and tragically I don’t have the patience or the fine-detail attention to be able to do it professionally (I studied it for a little bit, and while there was some satisfaction in it, I wasn’t much good… I tended to either get lost in the story, or get frustrated and stop), but there is something nice about taking somebody else’s work and tweaking it just a little to help them see a different way of saying the same sort of thing.

But yeah, my own work? Frustrating as hell.
Still, it has to be done. It is, without a doubt, my least favourite part about being a writer. I want to craft worlds and weave stories… but in order to do that, you have to polish your words. And man, is it ever important.

Well, whatever. I’ve started now (I’m on Chapter 6 so far), and that’s a good thing. At the rate I’m going, I suspect I’ll be done my edits in July, and then off it goes to the professional editor.

In other news, I’ve finished that paid story and been paid for it. That felt good… it’s an incredible feeling to have somebody pay you for work you’re proud of. A feeling I hope all of you, dear readers, get to enjoy more often than I do!