Getting Back Into the Swing

It’s been a long 6 months. This year has simultaneously been flying by and dragging its heels… longer shifts at work coupled with a concerted effort to get into better shape has resulted in so little free time that it doesn’t really exist for me other than as a concept any more.

That stated, things are going okay. I sold a story (woo!), I’ve been producing short stories and novels at a consistent rate, and I have one novel still under consideration with an agent. Fingers crossed on that one. Plus, the Writers Group has been great for keeping me focused on writing more stuff.

September is approaching quickly, and my trip to Japan with it… I’m equal parts excited and nervous. There’s no way that the trip can actually live up to my expectations, but that’s okay! I’m still really, really looking forward to it. Additionally, my novel was supposed to be edited by now, but that’s okay… I’m equally excited to start putting more time into that as well.

Regardless, this is more-or-less the halfway point of the year. I think I can probably manage to sell a few more short stories before December, and I remain cautiously optimistic about selling the novel. We will see, I suppose…

Anyway! Hope everyone else out there is having a great summer/winter, depending on which pole you are closest to!