Happy Canada Day!

Canada is not a perfect country. It has problems of racism, an increasingly paranoid and reactionary right-wing movement, and a significant amount of NIMBY-ism.

That stated, it is a pretty great country. You can acknowledge how much work needs to be done while still appreciating the good that has been accomplished.

I’m really lucky to live in this country. Sure, it has problems, but where doesn’t? And at least there are people willing to stand up and try to make things better.

As for writing, I have a long weekend to hopefully finish up editing my new Tintian novel (which is coming along nicely, despite how much I hate editing), and then I have an idea for a novel kicking around my head that I want to try out.

But not for today. Today I rest and appreciate that which I have while not forgetting that things can always be better. Happy Canada Day everyone.