Positive Review!

So I frequent a website called “Shut Up & Sit Down”, and the other day one of the posters had this to say:

Last week, faithful commentator Marx mentioned his writing and I wanted to take a second to recommend one of his series.

The elevator pitch for Tintian and the King’s Claw is that it’s a science fiction take on Tintin. And while that’s true, it really undersells just how inventive and clever the translation is while still retaining the central heart of the original.

All of the things you love about Tintin is here, but the story also stands alone as a crackerjack and thoughtful space adventure. The changes Marx made to the Tintin mythos aren’t just to distract the Hegre estate, but also modernize and deepen the story.

I highly recommend it for yourself or for anyone you know in their Tintin years. You can pick up all five episodes on Amazon via Marx’s website.

I just wanted to thank Eize Basa for the amazing comments, and for directing people here. So unbelievably nice to get the feedback and the traffic! Thanks!

In other news, working on a few more short stories today. Gosh, I love writing… anyway, hope everyone out there is having a great day!