February Is Weirdly Warm

I mean, I live in Southern Ontario… it should be deep-freeze right now. And yet it’s been positive degrees, the snow has all melted, and the sun was bright and warm today.

It’s freakin’ me the heck out.

All joking aside, it’s nice that the weather is okay (as opposed to constant blizzards), but this means little to a writer such as myself. My days off are consumed with sitting in front of the computer, shunning the outside world and cramming words onto digital-paper. Still, it’s nicer to do that while it’s sunny out, I suppose.

ANYway, busy busy busy! I have a request for a short story I need to finish today (a weird semi-quasi-historical-sci-fi), plus putting the finishing touches on my Tintian novel for Print on Demand. The “Starconvoy EH-76” PoD has been doing okay (about par with the digital version), so that’s encouraging. Really, the goal at this point is to just keep putting content out.

I’d better get back to it! Hope everyone is having an amazing start to the month!