The Slow and Steady Grind

Well, I’m back at my other job (the one that pays for THIS job), but that’s okay. I finished Novel 4 (well, the first draft at least), I’ve queried a few potential agents, and I’ve submitted a short story to a contest to see how that one goes.

Overall, the wheel keeps grinding.

Today I’m going to do some work on another short story I think, maybe 2, because I want to give myself a few weeks away from Novel 4 before I start heavy edits (just to give myself a bit of mental space). I may even try to write a few submission-level short stories… you know, stuff for F&SF and/or Asimov’s. It’s been a few years since I submitted to them, and I didn’t get any traction last time, but I did try a lot, and that’s worth something at least, I hope.

Plus, my best paying gig by far was a short story… so I plan to put a bit more time and energy into that. Might as well… as much as I love writing novels, they take time, and it’s far easier to post short stories on this here website!

Anyway, overall this has been a very productive first month of 2019. Hopefully all of you have had great starts to the year as well!