So Long Summer, Thanks for all the Sun!

And with that, another summer fades into the middle distance. We are done with ridiculous heat, sudden thunderstorms, and staggering humidity.

Well, not really, of course. The summer doesn't just flick off like a light switch in Southern Ontario, and we'll be feeling the heavy swings in heat for a few weeks yet. For example, it was well into the 30s this morning when I went for a run, and it's supposed to dip below 10 degrees overnight.

Good times.

Regardless, work on Novel 4 continues. No word yet from the agents regarding Novel 3 that I sent them, but that's okay... I have nothing immediately following that one ready just yet, so if they need a bit more time that's totally okay with me.

In unrelated, but related, news, I've been considering going on a few trips next year. One potentially to Japan, although that's going to be staggeringly expensive (September of next year for about 10 days, $3,000+ CAD for the trip including flights), and another to Chicago for Adepticon (a game convention for a couple game systems I actually play, like Infinity and WarMachine). Tragically, the trip to Chicago, as it stands, would cost as much as the trip to Japan, which means that it just may not happen.

It's unfair to an extent, because really what I'm saying is that I'd be miserable sharing the financial burden (splitting a room, specifically... but everyone I know snores like a lumberjack), but I can't afford NOT to split said burden. Such is the life of a writer, I suppose... always many things to do, and no money to do it.

Anyway, this isn't meant as an "Oh woe is me" post, just spitballing about the future. I'm happy with my progress on the new Tintian novel, although I will have to rattle the cage a little bit since nothing super exciting is happening in the story right now. Usually that means somebody walks in with a gun... we'll see if that happens here!

Happy end of summer, everyone, and enjoy the outdoors if possible!