Ten Thousand Word Weekends, and Other Pleasures

I like when I have a couple days off in a row. It’s rare (usually only holiday weekends that fall on a Monday), but folks, can I ever cram a lot of writing into those glorious days off. I averaged over 3,000 words a day for the three glorious days I had off, and landed just shy of ten thousand words for the weekend.

It was pretty amazing.

The only “problem” I’m having with the story is that it’s moving forward a bit too quickly for my tastes. I’m basically just shy of the halfway point of the book, and well shy of the 50,000 words I usually like my mid-point first drafts to hit. At the rate I’m going, it might land around 60,000 for a finished first draft, and that’s way, way too short. I mean, a FINISHED 60,000 word draft is still too short (I usually aim for 70-90 whenever I can), to say nothing about all the cutting and editing I have to do after the first draft.

But whatever, that’s Future Marc problems, not Current Marc problems. For now, I’m just happy to be writing.

In other news, submitted another short story to a contest (recorded the audio for this one, even! I think it turned out okay… not professional quality or anything, but I’m excited about hearing it go live), and I’ll put a link in here to the story and the audio files when it goes up. Another fanfic sorta thing, but I’m still proud of it. Especially the happy/vaguely ominous AI voice I got my partner to do.

Okay! Time to actually write. It’s 3pm on Tuesday, and I have another 70,000 words to write on this story before I’ll be truly happy with it… so let’s get going!