Long Grind

I knew it going into writing. Nobody is an overnight success as a writer.
Well, “nobody” is probably unfair. That’s like saying that nobody wins the lottery. Some people definitely do.
It’s just not a good strategy, I suppose. You don’t plan on winning the lottery, it just happens and you accept your good fortune if it does. Otherwise, you do the same thing everyone else does:

You work. You work lots.

Anyway, nothing really exciting this week. Word count continues to climb slowly upwards, still a little shy of 30,000 words, but that’s okay. Tomorrow will be a more relaxed day at Job 2, followed by guitar practice and then a full day of writing on Tuesday, so that’s something at least.

All I really want is more time. More time to write, more time to edit, more time to do the things that let me be a better writer (reading, mostly, but also consuming games, movies, and shows). But the only way to earn that time later is to put in more time than I have now, and hope that it eventually pays off!

Oh, and hello to anyone who happened across this little slice of the interweb from that short story competition I submitted to a little while ago. I have another short story coming out for it in a few more weeks (I hope!), which I think is pretty dang good! Hope you like it, feel free to poke around a little!