What Is this Leaking Affecting My Eyes?

I recently “rediscovered” Steam Powered Giraffe, a weird little group of misfits that produce some of the weirdest, most wonderful music I’ve ever enjoyed. The band’s “hook” is that they’re a group of steam powered robots built in the 1800s for a brief war, but since winning the war have turned to making music as a way to pass the decades.

It’s catchy. Not all of it is great, but the great stuff is really great.
But part of the best part is how unusual it is. I mean, at its core it’s basically folk-rock with a steampunk aesthetic, but they lean into that in a brilliant way. And there are 2 members (twins) that are always part of the group, there have been 4 other members over the years that have come and gone, but the sound has remained quite consistent.

Anyway. It’s encouraging from an artistic standpoint. They’re cool, I recommend “Captain Albert Alexander” and “The Stars” as particularly good.

I’m at a coffee shop writing for the first time in a few months, and I’m going to see if I can get a few thousand words done in about an hour and a half. That’s reasonable, right?