Being Less Sick Is Definitely Better!

Okay, so I sent my last novel off to the agent... this one is shorter, more YA focused than the previous ones... it also has some of my best writing to date (the last few chapters? They're magnificent! If only I could maintain that level through the whole book!).

Anyway, that takes some pressure off, and I've spent that time refining my next short story submission. I want to record it (you get "bonus points" for recording the audio yourself, although we'll see how that goes... I have the equipment to do the recording, but not much in the way of technical knowledge), but I need to iron it out a little, make sure it "pops" before I do so.

And then, of course, the 2nd Tintian novel. It's been too long between the last one to this one, in my opinion, but whatever, I'll get it finished. Like last time, I'm wondering about how liberal to be with the source material, but as long as the story is good it should be fine. We'll see how it works out.

In unrelated news, my partner's mother is visiting for 3 days. That's not going to be a source of stress, I'm sure.