Finished Novel 2! Onto Number 3!

Well, unplugging for a week certainly helped.
I managed to finish editing Novel 2, and send it onward to beta readers who are working on giving it a solid once over before it goes upward to publishers and agents.

Which is lovely, since it gives me time to work on Novel 3! The majority of the work on this one is already done (50,000 words thus far, another 20,000 or so to go), so it's really just polishing off a few of the middle chapters and then doing a solid edit before sending it on to my editor.

Which reminds me, I should set aside some funding for that. Probably late Feb? I should have enough money set aside for that by then. I hope.

Anyway! Progress, a lovely thing!
Hope things are going well for all of you, of course, and I'll be back next week (hopefully with a better idea of how long it'll take me to finish Novel 3!).