Unplugging for a Week

Hello! How's it going? Been awhile, huh?
Yeah, work has been pretty insane, but it's finally kinda settled. As a result, I've taken a week off my paying work to rent a small cottage in the middle of nowhere (not hard to find in Canada... there's lots of "Middle of Nowhere"s in this country) so I can get all the editing and writing from November and December done.

Here's my (completely unrealistic) goals for the week:
Day 1 and 2: Finish editing Novel #2.
Day 3 and 4: Finish writing Novel #3 (which is 85% done)
Day 5+: Get as much writing on Novel #4 finished as I possibly can.

And that's it! Just me, my trusty little computer, and as much work as I can cram into a day.

I mean, I brought a few books ("Ancillary Justice" is the one I'm working on at the moment), but that's about it. Eat, sleep, edit and write.

Honestly, if I was paid even the most humble living salary for doing this, I'd be in heaven right now... ^_^

Anyway! I'll be back in a week to let everyone know how it goes, but I'm unplugging until then! Have a great week, all you beautiful people!