Falling Into Habits and Out of Others!

Man, I have to get back into writing on this here blog more often.

I mean, I used to do it weekly, and that was fine. More than weekly would really be better, but since I struggle with even that, perhaps a bit unrealistic.

Novel 2 is starting to come back from my volunteer readers (a huge thank you to Bari, who got his responses in first, and with a lot of thoughtful, clever comments!), which means I am still on track to submit that by the end of the month. The "trick" is going to be finishing up Novel 3 by then as well, so that I can send it off to my editor to take a whack at it so that it can go out after rejections to Number 2 start to roll in. Maybe by the fall? That seems reasonable. But it has to be EARLY fall, because nobody wants to receive submissions during the winter holidays.

Anyway! Progress, of a sort.

As for today, I'm baking bread, and doing some painting, and maybe a little writing. Need about 15,000 words on Novel 3, and only a few short weeks to both write and then finish the first editorial pass myself... never enough time, my friends. Never enough time.