Finally Feeling Better!

So it's taken a few days (and, as mentioned before, a metric tonne of tea), but I'm finally feeling better. Throat is still a bit sore, still coughing occasionally, but overall I'm firing on all cylinders and no longer huddled under a blanket all day.

Tonight I'm attending a local writer's group for feedback on my most recent short story, currently titled "Black Box" about a bridge-crew isolated and in complete darkness. It was an interesting challenge to write without any visual cues whatsoever, but I'm feeling pretty confident with how it's turning out so far.

I'm also supposed to get the edited version of Tintian back from Anna this week, which means it can go up for sale next week! Looking forward to that!

Anyway, until then, I'm going to have a bit more tea. Just to make sure. Hope all of you are having great days!