You ever get the feeling you're making your own life more difficult than it strictly speaking needs to be? I mean, yes, I am choosing to be a writer, a "career" almost universally accepted to be one that will never, ever, ever make any money. I get that, but that's not what I'm talking about.

In this case, it's the HTML coding I have to do in order to self-publsih Tintian. The step by step process I'm following is lovely, but unfortunately I don't have access to many of the (extremely expensive) tools that the gentleman keeps referring to. Word is the big one... I use Scivener to write on my Mac (I bought it on heavy, heavy discount), and I have Open Office for use in a pinch, but neither really have the functionality that the HTML procedure needs. Or they do, but it's buried behind really weird logic that I'm sure makes sense to others, but doesn't to me.

Oh well! I did choose this life, and that means accepting these kinds of struggles when they come up.

Plus side: I slept in until 11am this morning (mostly because I'm still recovering from being sick) and there was coffee when I crawled out of bed. So it's not all bad!

Hope everyone is enjoying their early Autumn weather! It's been lovely 'round here.