A Little Sick Today

Nothing serious: a bit of a cold/flu thing going around. Lots of coughing, a bit of sneezing, and buckets of tea as a result.

Like, so much tea. I haven't had a coffee in four days, but I've probably had 7 or 8 liters of tea. Oh, and one large mug of "chicken noodle soup". I do love yellow noodles way more than I should.

Anyway! Today I'm doing other tasks associated with writing that are not writing (my life is full of those recently), but with a bit less stress. I got paid a bit of money from a job I did back in 2014, and that'll keep my head above water for a few months.

Christmas is going to be rough. But whatever.

So here's hoping any of you who aren't feeling well are staying warm and hydrated, and that I can get back to work tomorrow!