Outline Done, And More Editing!

I think I’ve made my opinions vis-a-vis editing quite clear. But, typically, I edit three to four times as much as I write… which sort of makes sense (I mean, if it takes “1 unit” of time to write a chapter, and “1 unit” of time to edit a chapter, it will take four times as long if only because I usually do 3-4 editorial passes!). But still annoying.

Anyway, last week I got the foundational work for the next short story done, which is nice. I don’t usually go in for outlines except in the very rough sense, but in this case I wanted to get the major plot notes down so that it will all come together eventually. I’m pretty optimistic about the story, and since this is technically a sequel to the first “Black Cacophony” episode, it is quite validating as an artist. They liked it enough the first time to pay for a second time! Woo!

Still no word from the agent with my sci-fi YA novel, but that’s okay I suppose… I was hoping to have something finished already to send them immediately if they don’t like the one they have right now, but it’s not looking like it will be finished for a month or two (and that’s assuming Japan doesn’t torpedo all the plans entirely).

Anyway, back to work! Hope everyone had a great summer, and is looking forward to the cooler autumn to come!