One Week to Go!

So, next week (a week today, actually!) I leave for Japan.

9 days in Tokyo, 1 day in Kyoto (approximately)… a trip that I agreed to almost exactly one year ago, and have been saving up for ever since. I am insanely excited! It’s been about 20-25 years since I originally wanted to go to Japan, but this is the first time I can afford it!

It’s not quite the trip I dreamed of, but that’s absolutely okay. Spending a week and a half in Tokyo won’t even start scratching the surface of the city, and thankfully I’ll be exploring the city with a friend who has been before, so that should make things a bit more manageable.

My Japanese is rusty and was never very good to start with, so I’m hoping to get by with a lot of bowing and apologizing.

I am, of course, bringing my writing with me, because even on whirlwind trips there will be some time to relax… I plan to have at least one afternoon spent in a nice little coffee shop somewhere overlooking a nice scene, and writing for a few hours straight. Plus a few hours per day… I have two novels that aren’t going to edit themselves!

Anyway! I hope to take a few nice pictures, eat lots of tasty weirdness, and get a little, little glimpse into life on the other side of the planet. I should probably pack at some point too!