Yay for Agents! Sorta!

So I submitted Novel 3 to the nice people I’d really like to be my agent back in August… and they got back to me yesterday!

I mean, nobody ever said that the wheel of publishing grind quickly, just that they grind.

Regardless, the agent really liked my work… but wants to change the PoV of the novel from 3rd person to 1st person (which, I should’ve known before starting… YA novels tend to be in 1st person these days. It is the fashion, as they say).

Not going to be an easy task… but it is a measurable, straightforward one. And it shouldn’t take me more than a few weeks to finish that kind of revision and send it back off.

Meanwhile, I restarted the writing group (we’re meeting on Wednesdays, weekly), and that’s good because it will give me a forum to work on Novel 4 while I’m rewriting Novel 3. And maybe finish up a few short stories for submission as well…

Moral of the story: good news on the writing front! Not great news, yet, but definitely good news!