Second Place!

Well, I managed to get another podium position for a short story contest… so that’s something!

That makes it sound a bit more glamorous than it actually is. The competition was between 13 submissions of two thousand words or less, and of those submissions I managed to land 2nd. Which, don’t get me wrong, still very happy about! I think this is the second time I’ve placed second out of three contests they’ve run, and one first place, so I’m at least consistent!

I should give a big shout out to my “voice actors”, the group of friends that helped out by lending their voices to the recording. The voice record has been a tonne of fun! Maybe in the future I will do an actual audio story, rather than just reading one of my short stories out loud, but that’s a future goal.

In other good news, huzzah for more short stories I can post on the website! I’ll put out a link to my Patrons later this week or early next, and then everyone else can enjoy it a week after that.

Right! Back to the writing! Tomorrow is the first meeting of the new Writers Group, which is exciting, but also means I need to be a bit organized for that!