The Upsides of Being Sick

Let’s be honest, there isn’t much good about being sick. I mean, it’s not a serious sickness (thankfully), just my butt being kicked for pushing too hard around the winter purchasing season. A cough, general soreness, everything being slower and slightly more painful.

But there are a few upsides. For example, today I had a day off from work to help recover. And I spent the vast majority of it reading.

In fact, I polished off Book 2 of “The Collapsing Empire” by my writing patronus John Scalzi (book 2 is called “The Consuming Fire”). It’s a quick read, but still, me finishing the entire thing in a few hours was an unexpected pleasure… I stayed tucked under the blankets, snuggled with two of my kittens, and just read. And that was lovely.

So here’s to taking some much needed me-time, and doing something good and proactive with it. Scalzi is still a tonne of fun to read (although I find he has a few too many characters that like to “cut through the bullshit”, but that’s an acceptable flaw). I look forward to the day my writing has the emotional and comedic depth that he manages.

Anyway! Progress on the novels will have to wait a few more days for me to more fully recover, but that’s okay. Hopefully everyone out there is having a good start to 2019!