Print on Demand Progress!

Yes., I know, it’s been literally months. I know! I know. Life has an ugly way of messing up plans, especially in November and December.

But today I am FINALLY cleaning up the handful of mistakes in the Print on Demand versions of my two novels, and then re-uploading the files (for both the PoD and digital versions), and then that’s done and I can leave it in the rear-view mirror while I work on Novel 4 over my week of writing-retreat.

Which I am SO looking forward to.

I mean, I love my paying job. I do. But I’d drop it in a heartbeat if I could make even a modest living by writing, and my few weeks off over the year where I can to just focus on writing are lovely, warm, friendly reminders of that. The ability to just wake up, set my own schedule, and crank through a few tens of thousands of words.

It’s gonna be great!

Anyway! That’s for next week. For TODAY, I return to the editing already in progress! Hope everyone is having a great January so far!