An Ode to Long Weekends

Oh Long weekends,
When I don't have to work,
Well, I still have to work,
But at the work I love but don't get paid much for,
But is definitely still work,
And I do it for all the days I'm not at my other job,
Which pays,
But i don't love,
... where was I going with this?

-MH Questus

Yeah. Just being a bit silly, really. This is a civic long weekend, so I worked on Saturday and I go back to work on Wednesday, which is pretty sweet, except it's already Monday and I've only gotten a few hundred words written.
Granted, I have the rest of the day to write (and I will!), and literally nothing else I need to do. There's food in the fridge, including a variety of beverages (no coffee, tragically, but I suppose I could make some if I really wanted), the cats are behaving themselves, and I have about 20,000 words to go before I call today a win.

So let's do this! Novel 4 is sitting at 17,000 words right now, let's see if I can get it up to 40,000 by Tuesday! Go team!