Third Place! Not too shabby!

The short story (well, one of the TWO short stories) I submitted to that contest came in 3rd.

Can't complain about that... it wasn't a huge pool of submissions (about 30), and, personally, I think my short story was a little stronger than at least 1 of the 2 stories that beat me, but all in all I'm happy that I got a podium position.

I'm going to submit another one for the next round of short story submissions, probably... but again, short form has never been a forte of mine.

Still, nice to stretch those muscles once in awhile.

But not today! Today I have a lot of writing on the novel to catch up on. I was stuck at a sorta boring part o the work, and I'm just going to muscle through it, get the thing finished, and then worry about cutting or adding in words later. Just gotta focus on putting words on paper.

Anyway! So that was nice news for last week, hope to do better this week!