A Bit of a Breather, At Last!

Well, I didn’t get the novel ready for Print on Demand by Xmas (which is now a few days past)… I came close, but the last week of work I was pulling over 70 hours and it just wasn’t a good place to be in order to both work myself to exhaustion AND try to edit a novel.

It will be done soon, hopefully before January (or very, very shortly thereafter). I’ve gotten the results from a few good beta readers, and incorporating the changes will be pretty straight-forward.

But, more importantly, I’m back to sane hours and work schedules, and things have settled a bit at work (I expect the weekend will be insane again, but that’s a Saturday-me problem, not a Now-me problem!).

Anyhoo, hope everyone’s holidays were great, and more exciting news coming soon!