So close!

My beta readers (those incredible, amazing, wonderful people!) have been finishing up with the print version of Starconvoy EH-76.

There are a few typos that will need to be fixed (a missed “J” here, a lower case “i” there), but overall it seems to be ready! Which is good, since there are still 8 more days before Xmas!

Next year, I’m going to have to jump through all these hoops in October, get everything ready in advance, and then just RELEASE it in December, rather than trying to do both the grunt work and the release at the same time. Too stressful!

Not much else to report on. Work continues to be busy (a good problem to have), writing continues to be focused on editing tasks… and that’s about all that’s been accomplished, really! Even as I write this on a Sunday, I am minutes away from returning to work for the day… a shorter day, thankfully, but it will almost unquestionably be a busier one.

Anyhoo! No complaints on my end, and I would like to again express my wish for everyone to have a great holiday season!