Ghost in the Shell - Live Action

So I just finished watching the live action remake of Ghost in the Shell.

Except, it's not really a "remake". It's very much a different creature that explores different issues entirely from the original. And I *loved* the original.

How do I feel about the new film? Conflicted. I think I would've been much, much happier if they had just done the original film as a live-action movie instead of what they did do (which was to create something new basically from the ground-up).

But that's not to say it was bad. It was different, and I wouldn't hesitate to say it certainly wasn't better than the original, but since they didn't and this is what we have, I'm not dissatisfied, really.

I loved a lot of what they did do (Battou in particular was fantastic), including a lot of the actor choices they made (the Old Man was spot on in every way), and while I really, really wish they'd have picked a Japanese actress for the Major, Scarlet Jo did a pretty damn good job.

Other than that? I'm going to sit with the movie for awhile, examine it in my mind and my memories.