Sad thing? That's not even the worst pun I've uttered this *week*.

Anyway! It is August, for all of us, and life pushes forward with its unrelenting energy. I stuck my head in at my Patreon page to thank all my supporters (you support me on Patreon, right? 'Cause if you do, you are officially the best... if you don't, that's okay, but it does keep you from being officially the best), and now I'm pondering what to put over here that's new and different.

Basically, I'm thinking a little about restructuring the reward tiers in my Patreon. I worry, first, that it's been very hard to fulfill some of the higher tiers on a consistent basis... I really like giving patrons access to my short stories before everyone else, but as I move towards doing more novels that's going to become more and more difficult (especially heading into the Christmas season!). Nothing definitive yet, but definitely wheels turning.

I'm also thinking about pre-scheduling a few posts a week, just to keep content on the website coming out at a steady pace. I'd really like to manage more than once a week, but since I only have a few days "off" (I mean, days that I'm not focusing every spare moment on writing instead of the *job* of writing), that can be tricky.

Anyway! That's it for now... more as developments develop! Hope everyone is having an amazing summer!