Finished a Story!

Well, "finished" is being a little generous. But MOSTLY finished it. All that's needed is editing.

One of the reasons I really like short stories (as opposed to writing full novels) is that the editing process tends to be quicker. I'm not really in love with editing at the best of times, but it is a super critical part of the writing process.

I think this story has some merit. I'm going to be submitting it to the Toronto Star and their short story competition after I cut about 1,000 words and clean it up a bit. It's not the greatest thing I've ever written, but I do like it!

I plan to finish the other short story by Thursday, and then send them both off by Friday. Of course, I've said that before... but this time I mean it!

Anyway! There ya go. With all the chaos in the world right now, at least some things are moving in the right directions.