Gah! Another Week! Bad author! Bad!

I really have to get back into the habit of posting on here more than once every 7 days. It's important for you, my readers, but equally important for me as a writer.

I've also turned on Twitter sharing again (not sure how it turned off... gonna have to look into that!), so hopefully this will signal boost a bit.

Hello! I'm writing. Things are going okay!
My short story that I want to submit to the Toronto Star's Short Story Contest is coming along pretty well. As is tradition for me, it's a touch on the long side right now (3,200 words or so, and the competition is for 2,500), but I can edit that down during the revision stage.

Still haven't finished my sentient-planet story, but it is circling a conclusion. Again, a touch on the long side, but only a touch, and I think it might actually be pretty good. Good enough to submit to Asimov's, I don't know, but pretty good at least. Time will tell.

Anyway! I'm off to paint a little bit and then write a lot! Hope everyone out there is doing well! Keep at your goals, folks. Only way you'll get better!