Heavy Revisions. How I Loathe/Love Thee...

So for the next week (or so) I'm going to be working on an old story (well, "old" as in "I wrote it in March"). It needs some pretty heavy revisions and a few more chapters to flesh out the universe and setting. It's around 50,000 words right now, and I won't be happy with it before it hits 85,000 so that I can trim it down a little.

Problem is that heavy revisions are the bane of my existence. Revision, I can do... mostly cutting, occasionally trimming, editing, that sorta deal. I can do that. But adding in whole chapters, or cutting whole chapters to then add bits and pieces of them throughout a story is really rough.

But, gotta get done! And I do really like the story itself, it deserves to be told, which means it deserves to be properly edited and written.

Wish me luck!