Polished Up, On to the Next!

So "Tintian and the King's Claw" is now available on both Amazon and Kobo, and I've cleaned up 2 errors that somehow snuck through the formatting changes (Chapter 4, for whatever reason, didn't show up as a chapter, and I managed to put the superscript on a "2" in m/s2). Minor fixes, but vexing that I missed them in the hours and hours of editing and formatting work I did.

Regardless, all fixed now!
I also finished writing "Black Box" (weighs in just over 5,000 words), and submitted a short story to SFReader ("Joys of the Colonies"). Tomorrow I think I'm going to start working on the revision work I need to do to "How to Train Your A.I." (working title), since it needs some pretty hefty rewrites, and I'd like it to be edited by December so I can decide to send it or "Starconvoy EH-76" (also working title, which I'm less enthusiastic about) to agents and see if I can drum up some interest.

So good news! I can write again! Yay! After over a month solid of not-writing, that's a very welcome change.