Last Full Day in Japan

Well, this is it. Tomorrow I fly back to Canada to resume the life I have there.

It’s a bitter-sweet kinda thing. I miss home, and the familiarity of routine, and my friends and family of course. But I am going to miss a lot about Japan as well. There’s so much potential energy here, and I harnessed so little of it.

Tokyo is lovely. Kyoto, for the day I spent there, was lovely. The moments blitzing through the countryside, either by train, cable car, or on the few hikes, were really lovely. I’ve had some truly awful coffee, but some quite good coffee as well. I had some food I wasn’t crazy about, and a lot that was spectacular. Bought some small gifts (mostly food), and picked up a couple little things for myself.

Today I’m going to the Ghibli Museum, and that’s about it. Some wandering around to do a little shopping, and a few more meals. A very low key kinda… unpacking… I guess. Just trying to absorb the ambient “Japan” out of the air, carry it with me for as long as I can.

Anyway, in writing news, still waiting for final edits to the short story, and I did a bit of work on Novel 5 in the interim, so that’s at least moving along.