Sold Another Story!

So I landed another commission story sale. Yay! It’s a small sale, but honestly this makes 2019 my most profitable year for writing since I started being a writer oh so many years ago.

Which is great! Sure, I’m still losing money (writing is expensive, people, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise), but it’s part of the process. It’s steps towards being a full-time author, and that’s the important part.

Plus, it’s a pretty kickass story I get to write. That’s also pretty nice!

This week (specifically today!) I’m going to flesh out a framework for the story, do some background research (one of the characters is very particular about radio etiquette, and that means watching a few videos and jumping into a few Wikipedia/TVTropes holes), and come up with a solid foundation for the eventual audio story it will become. I’ve learned not to do a few things (have characters interrupt each other while talking… really tricky to record), and overall I’m excited about the process.

It’s a tonne of work, but hey, it’s paid work! And that’s a start.

Also, less than a month before I leave for my 10 day trip to Tokyo… excited/nervous! Going to be great/nervous-wracking!