A Quick Word about Numbers

I have an education in physics. Technically, I have a degree in physics and 12 years of experience in R&D (specifically astrophysics and optics).

I don’t really consider myself a physicist. I was pretty crap at all the “important” parts of physics (ie: calculus and algebra). But this education and experience has set in my a fixation on the importance of numbers.

On that note: as of the end of April, I have surpassed an arbitrary, but interesting, milestone in my career.

There are now 100 copies of things I wrote “out there”. A total of 100 people have something I wrote that they downloaded or had shipped to them through Amazon.

(My Kobo numbers are, for all time, a total of 6 books sold… so I may have hit this milestone in March, but whatever. Close enough)

Now, it’s taken me almost exactly 2.5 years to get to this point (October 2016 to April 2019). That’s about 40 books per year… which is what it is. A bit depressing, sure, but all it is, is numbers… and at least I have a benchmark.

And of course this doesn’t include numbers on short stories I’ve published, or contests I’ve entered (and won, occasionally!), so the “real” figure of people who theoretically know my work is higher. But still. A milestone, at the very least.

So! Here’s hoping the next 100 books don’t take another 2.5 years… onwards and upwards and all that!