Chicago Chatter

I write today from Adepticon, one of the larger (largest?) miniature wargaming conventions in North America.

Sadly, my internet connection is, generously speaking, poop. But that’s okay! I had a lovely few days playing games, hanging out with lovely people, and generally trying to be positive and extroverted (something that doesn’t come super naturally to me).

Tomorrow, very early, we head back to Ontario. And then back to my other job that pays for THIS job. Such is the cycle, as I think we all know.

Still! Edits to the novel are coming along very, very well, I have a bunch of additional videos to post for you and my lovely Patrons, and another short story that I’m trying to throw together for audio recording in the next week or two. So things are moving, albeit slowly. Thankfully, with Adepticon in the rear view mirror, my immediate painting obligations are completed (phew!), and I can focus more energy back into writing.

So, I guess in conclusion: yay writing, yay gaming, yay painting, but especially yay being able to do all three and here’s to more of all three in the near to very-near future!