Up To Chapter 10!

I’m apparently getting approximately one chapter modified into 1st person a day.
I mean, not really (I’m doing 5-6 a week, but most of those in one or two days), but that’s sorta just the way with averages.

In other news, restarted the Writers Group (named “Chapter Two”, which I think is okay if not inspired… but whatever, it has a name and the group is good and that’s the important bits), and things are moving along nicely with that. Last week we had 6 members, this week I’m hoping for 8, and then with a little luck a total of 10 in a week or two that stabilizes with about 6-8 people showing up each week (since some people aren’t able or interested in coming by every week).

The other writers’ submissions are refreshing to read. It’s a nice little thing to see the process sometimes, rather than just somebody’s final polished result. Plus, I got a few small pieces of advice that I think are actually rather good and will be folded into the book as I continue the conversion from 3rd Person to 1st Person.

One will require a little bit of edit-wriggling, but I think I can manage it.

Anyway, that’s that. Had a nasty fall yesterday on the ice coming home from a friend’s house, and that put a damper on what was already a pretty shitty day (my paying work had not been kind), but overall I think I’m doing okay. Or at least okay-adjacent, and sometimes that’s the best you can hope for.

Hope everyone else is having a better go of it than I am this week!