October New Novel!

Well, I’m committing to it here first (albeit by minutes before my Patreon supporters find out). I’m going to do everything in my power to make a new novel available by the end of the month.

October tends to be pretty traditionally the time of year that I get a new novel out. It’s comfortably before the holidays so I’m not completely insane at my other job yet, but it’s also the last opportunity to get things done before things become completely insane.

The only hiccup this year is that I have two novels waiting on the sidelines to go! One of which is under consideration by the folks I’m still hoping will be my agent, but the other of needs a final editorial pass before it’s ready. But that depends on my editor, of course… I think she’ll have time, but who knows?

Anyway! Either way, new novel out soon! Novel 3 available to the public! Whee!

In other news, I’m ready to record the audio on the short story I sold, so that’s also going to make this month busy. But busy is a good problem to have!

Phew! Lotsa stuff to get done… I should get to it! Hope everyone is having a very good start to the autumn!