Novel 4 Progress!

So I’ve been on Hoth for 3 days now and managed to get a fair bit done (finished a short story, for example). The print version of Starconvoy EH-76 is out in the world, and I’ve sold my first couple copies, which is nice. Sure, it’s probably not going to take the literary sci-fi world by fire, but it is out there and I am proud of it. So that’s definitely something.

I’ve also committed to a bunch of stuff when I get back home, but that’s not for another three days, and until then, all I have to do is focus on my writing, which is amazing. Big fan, gotta tell you.

Novel 4 (the next in the Tintian series) is moving along at a relatively healthy clip. Had a long walk with my partner, discussing the story and how I intend to get myself out of the corner I’ve kinda written myself into. The temptation to put it aside (because it’s going to be a hard bit of writing, honestly) and work on something new is pretty powerful, but I’m going to fight that urge. It’s better to get this finished first, because as we all know, the hardest part about being a novelist isn’t getting a book started, but getting them finished! And then after you get one finished, working on the next one… and then the next one… and so on.

Anyway! Also of note, I finished “Lock In” by John Scalzi. Lovely little police procedural. Tonne of fun to read… I continue to aspire to be as good at balancing humour, thoughtful science, and action as Scalzi is.