Happy Canada Day!

Man, I love long weekends. Especially those that fall on Mondays., since that gives me three GLORIOUS days to write.

Although, full disclosure, I only used 1 of those three days to write this time. And that was today.

I cranked out another short story for that competition (not quite done yet, going to edit it tomorrow, see if I can tighten it up a bit... it's 1,900 words right now, want to crunch it down to a solid 1,500), and did a bit of work on Novel 4. Overall, very satisfying (although always bitter-sweet, since it's also a reminder of what my life could be if I actually wrote for a living... which is to say, amazing).

Anyway! Back to the paying job tomorrow, which is fine... I mean, less than amazing, but fine. It's fine.


Anyway! Happy Canada Day, everyone, and here's to the next long weekend (in August!).