Another Rejection. Ah Well.

So the agent I was hoping would represent me sent me a rejection. It was very kind and positive in many ways, but again, no luck.

Such is life.

I've already sent that novel out to two other agents (the day after I learned she wasn't interested), which means I have sent it to every Sci-Fi agent in Canada.

Yup. All three of 'em.

Anyway, no point in worrying about that. Next stage is to send my next novel (thankfully "finished"... still waiting for beta reader feedback, but otherwise done) to that first agent. This one is a different tone and pace from the last one, so hopefully she and her colleagues will be more excited to take it.

As for Starconvoy EH-76... we'll see if anyone else is excited about the story. You can only have one agent, so if they're excited about it, I may have to decide to work with them instead, but such is life. I really just want to be published and make a small, humble living.

Anyway! Anyway. Turns and roundabouts. Ups and downs. We just move forwards, I suppose.