Argh, 10 Days!

Phew, time really flies sometimes.

Nothing really new and exciting to announce. Still waiting on the agent with my 2nd novel, still waiting on my beta readers with my 3rd novel, still writing the first draft of my 4th novel.

All moving along in its daily pace.

I was thinking about branching out a little on novel number 5. Maybe a little bit of quasi-mysticism in the sci-fi. Nothing too crazy, but a little touch of magic, or techno-magic, in with the lasers and spaceships and stuff.

I mean, it works for Star Wars, right? Space wizards are awesome!

Anyway, just idle thoughts.

In other news, my jaw hurts a bit so I probably have to go see a dentist (wooo...), but otherwise stuff has been busy, exhausting, but basically okay. Globally, things are going to hell, but hopefully this is a blimp in our slow climb towards compassion, and nothing more.

We shall see, I suppose.