A Few Days of Writing

I'm off visiting family in New York state for the weekend (until Tuesday), which gives me some time to get some work done (yay!).

Edits for Novel 3 have started, which is good. Everything is set, music is primed, and after lunch finishes I'm going to get my head down and get the work done. That's always the key, after all... butt in chair, fingers on keyboard. I have so many stories I want to tell, so much I want to actually get done, but I need to focus on finishing stories, rather than getting a hundred half-finished.

So, a few months to finish editing Novel 3 and then it goes off to the beta readers and I can get back to writing new stuff (although Novel 4 has already been started, of course).

Anyway! Nice to have the time to write. And, of course, I'll keep everyone posted if I actually get word back about Novel 2.