Holi-what? What-iday?


Still one of my favourite bits from "Futurama". Anyway, I digress.
We have a "day off" here in Ontario for religious reasons, which means I get to spend the day writing! Huzzah!

Not much else to say. Today I'm writing submission letters to a few agents that gave me direct and useful feedback last time I submitted to them, and then sending out letters to agents in the field (doing some homework to ensure everything is targeted correctly), and then working on the next novel for a few months to give the agents a first crack at it.

After that, I submit directly to publishers, give them a few months, and then after all that, self-publish the book if it doesn't find any other home... which is a whole lot more work at that point. But I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.

Anyhoo! Back to work! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!