December Is Upon Us!

… or possibly Up On Us… hard to know sometimes.
Anyway! It’s been a whirlwind few weeks, which is why I haven’t written anything here! My apologies! The holidays are always rough at the best of times.

That stated, I won that short story contest in mid-November (yay!), and since then I’ve been pouring all my energy into getting the Print on Demand versions of Starconvoy and Tintian available before Xmas. Progress is good! The Advanced Reader Copies have arrived, and a handful are in the amazing, loyal hands of beta-readers, scouring the books for formatting errors.

My current goal is to have the novel (at least Starconvoy, hopefully both!) available on Amazon by December 10th for people who want to purchase a copy for themselves or a loved one (or, heck, an enemy who they think will enjoy good sci-fi!) before the end of the massive commercial chaos of the season is over. Then in January I can spend some time and energy trying to get wider distribution of my book through avenues other than Amazon (I have a few lined up in a very rough way, but nothing definite).

Other than that, I haven’t actually done much writing in the last few weeks. My second job which pays for editing costs is insane from November 1st to December 31st… but no excuses. I have a few short stories I’m submitting to contests, and of course work on Novel 4 waits for no one!

Anyhoo! More updates soon, and of course I’ll let everyone here know when Starconvoy is available in print!